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Clean Cut towel holder

Clean Cut towel holder
Clean Cut towel holder


A lovely towel hanger in a stylish and simple design. This one with one bar for towels. Also available with two bars. Fully assembled when delivered. 100% pure, solid metal.

Fia Berglund and Malin Bäccman's love of metals and passion for design led to the launch of B&B Sweden, now known for its high-end, innovative handles and furniture accessories. With the choice of an genuine Scandinavian artwork, the timeless beauty moves into your home, the last detail to perfection.

Length: 350mm

Height: 50mm

Depth: 62mm

Thickness: 8mm

Hole distance: 30mm

Available materials:

  • black aluminium

On supplier stock, estimated delivery time is 1-2 weeks

Ex Tax: 26,496Ft
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Model: HS4AS

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